Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How To Choose Accent Pieces For Your Fall Wardrobe

By time you are my age you probably have established a base wardrobe that you can add new pieces to, in order to keep your look fresh and current.

 In my last blog post I shared the colors I will have in my Fall wardrobe this year.

Having a color palette is key in planning your wardrobe in order to be able to coordinate your pieces. As I have said before my hard fast rule for purchasing  a new piece of clothing for myself is......

 Once you have your base pieces it is time to add a few pieces that will add some fun,  and style to your wardrobe. Accessories are key to a complete wardrobe that has your personal stamp on it.

One of the pieces I have been looking for to make my wardrobe work better for me are scarves. 

I am not a big fan of the overly large scarves because they seem to add bulk to my already broad shoulders. However I have worn what I call neck scarves for as long as I can remember. I also love to tie one on my purse.

Since I am working with certain colors. I took a look at the colors and decided what scarves would work for me.

Here is a reminder of the colors I will be working with for Fall......

I had fun looking, and found several on resale sites like Poshmark and Tradesy. I found some better quality brands there at good price points. 

I only looked at pieces that said New with tags/NWT, or previous owned but no visible signs of wear.

The other thing I looked for are scarves with rolled hems. You will find your better scarves will have hand rolled hems.

Here are some of the scarves that caught my eye. I kept in mind the colors I am using in my Fall wardrobe.  I concentrated on finding some with greens that would work with the addition of dark olive in my Fall wardrobe.

This first scarf is a Burberry and the most expensive of the scarves I chose. I love the color combination and the fun plaid. 

I can see wearing this with a cashmere red V-neck sweater and my dark olive pants or just a plain white button down, or t-shirt and jeans.  This would be a staple in my wardrobe and something I know I would enjoy wearing.

I love the equestrian look of this scarf it looks very Ralph Laurenesque to me. I would wear this with camel and the dark olive combinations. I think a pattern like this is always a classic, especially for we preppy gals. It is very wrinkled so a trip to the cleaners will solve that. This scarf is silk and has a hand rolled hem.

I loved the colors in this scarf, it is just fun looking to me. This scarf is also silk and has a hand rolled hem. Another great looking plaid for the prepster in me.

This is by far my favorite. It has a very Hermes look to it without the pricing. Again it has an equestrian vibe to it. The pattern and the colors are what I was drawn too. 

This scarf is a Mondi and in pristine condition. What I liked the most about this was the contrast with the colors and the touch  of yellow with the olive greens both lighter and darker. I really can seeing me get a lot of wear out of this one. Another silk scarf with hand rolled hem.

This next scarf is something I would wear with navy, cobalt, and mustard gold, or camel. I can see this with a pair of dark washed jeans, white button down, a great brown leather belt and ankle boots and leather cross body saddle bag . I would wear simple pearl studs and a chunky gold link bracelet.

This is another Mondi scarf and it is silk with hand rolled hem. I love all of the colors in this and you can tell it will go with so many of the colors in my wardrobe.

When you are pulling together your own wardrobe, don't forget to add a fun scarf or two, or maybe three to the mix. They can add color, style and they will help you in pulling together colors  in your wardrobe as well.

In my next post I will be showing you some of the jewelry pieces I plan on wearing with my Fall wardrobe, so stay tuned!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

My Fall Transition Wardrobe Colors

How to transition your wardrobe for Fall weather is going to be different in every part of the country but today I am going to tell you how I do it with color.

When Fall arrives and the mornings are a bit more crisp and the night air is cool here in California we  will still have warm daytime temps into October. Because of that, we have to slowly start transitioning our wardrobes for Fall.

I have two storage boxes in my closet that contain seasonal clothing, but there is a period of time where I seem to have a bit of both seasons hanging in my closet. It gets a bit crowded at that point.

You know the weather that is warm during the day but it gets cool enough for a sweater once the sun goes down.

I find that my colors change from the bright cheerful colors of summer to a bit more Fallish looking colors.

In the past the colors I wore looked something like this....

One season I had a base of navy and cognac and I added a pop of bright pink to the mix, it was fun.

I also added Kelly green and mustard. I almost always have some form of yellow in my wardrobe and for the cooler months it usually gets a little more golden.

I have a rule for myself when I purchase new clothing. I try to only buy pieces that will mix and match with 2-3 other pieces. By sticking with the colors I love, they always seem to mix and match well.

 In California we can wear clothing pieces we would wear in the Spring until usually late Oct. or November. As it gets cooler I will add one fall looking color such as the cognac.

Here is a color capsule that you will often see me in. This is me packing for a trip. Obviously this is my Spring wardrobe.

So how do I use some of these colors and items for a Fall wardrobe? Here is one of my Fall wardrobes from the past.......

 You will notice the colors are a bit darker and warmer. I still have my kelly green and cobalt blue in there, but there is a nice warm camel in there now.

This year I am doing my same routine where I  have a color capsule where I can mix and match my clothing.

For this year my capsule is going to be somewhat the same but I am adding a different color that I have not worn for years.

You will notice the new kid on the block is a dark olive green. For fall it works for me. I do have green eyes so this is actually a  pretty natural selection for me to wear. 

When shopping it caught my eye when it was paired with a very bright yellow, which is another color I love to wear. 

It will also look great with a soft pink or bright pink and even red, so I will have a few alternative capsules to wear as well...

I will keep the olive color mostly as pants, skirts and shoes, and then brighten my look by wearing a brighter top. I like to wear happy colors close to my face.

For any of you doubters that olive goes with red...


Before adding the dark olive to my wardrobe I went over all of this in my head, and put together outfits in my minds eye before taking the plunge.

This new color came to mind when I saw this top which I thought would be a perfect Fall transition color for my wardrobe.....

Of course it is stripes, one of my favorite patterns. Then I saw these pants.....

I tried them on and it felt like ME so of course I had to get them!!!

Notice the cute loafers! I am waiting on these to go on sale before getting them....

I am going to have some fun this year wearing this color for Fall. I was just going down memory lane and I remember in the 8th grade,  my color capsule was navy, camel, dark olive and red. Of course back then it involved lots of plaid skirts and jumpers.

It is easier to dress if you have color pieces that coordinate. You can get away with less clothing and you will have more versatility.

As the Fall season gets here and we have cooler temps I will share some outfits that I will be wearing.

Right now I am pulling together my wardrobe. I like to get the basics settled and then I might add a few on-trend pieces to the mix.

I am on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket which is a wonderful transition piece for Fall or Spring.Once I find it, I will take you along with me on the hunt!!!